Complete Graphical Engine Monitor with Sensors starting at $3590.

Step into the future of engine monitoring.  The Pulsar combines monitoring for over 30 engine parameters into a single, reliable digital module.  A crisp color display makes engine information fully visible in cockpit conditions ranging from direct sunlight to nighttime.  Clear, logically presented information allows rapid scanning of all relevant engine data.

Compatible with all types of engines - 4, 6 and 8 cylinders, carbureted or fuel-injected, water or air-cooled, magneto or electric ignition, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, single, dual or multiple fuel tanks.

Monitors over 30 engine parameters - the equivalent of several instrument panels full of analog gauges.

Fast Boot Time - Less than 5 seconds from power on to fully operational.

Information When You Need It
User configurable audio and visual alarms instantly alert the pilot to any engine parameter exceeding its preset limit. It is almost like having a mechanic in the panel.

Flexible configuration - customizable display, gauges, and alarms to accommodate the pilot's needs.

Single-control operation - reduces pilot distraction while keeping information easily accessible.

Rugged, reliable design - featuring multiple processor design and industrial temperature-range components.

Easy to install - a single compact module, durable connectors, and extensive documentation.